Horizontal High Pressure Autoclave Manufacturer

Krishna Engineering is the most well-known manufacturer, producer, and exporter of horizontal high pressure autoclave in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. A device used to sterilise material using steaming at high temperatures is commonly referred to as a horizontal high-pressure autoclave, horizontally steam steriliser, or horizontally autoclave. Machinery, instruments for surgery, glassware, and other things requiring the full eradication of germs, viruses, or other kinds of microbes are frequently sterilised in medical, pharmaceutical, and laboratory settings.

It's essential to keep in mind that precise characteristics and purposes of horizontal high pressure autoclaves. may change across models and suppliers. For the correct use, maintenance, and safety worries of a particular steriliser model, it is advised to refer to the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations.

Features of Horizontal High Pressure Autoclave

  • Horizontal Design
  • High-Pressure Capability
  • Temperature Control
  • Safety Features
  • Chamber Materials
  • Programmable Controls
  • Water Management
  • Monitoring and Display
  • Exhaust and Ventilation Systems
  • Accessibility and Ergonomics

Accessories of Horizontal High Pressure Autoclave

  • Autoclave Trays
  • Autoclave Baskets
  • Loading Carriages
  • Water Distiller
  • Printer/Documentation System
  • Safety Features
  • Consumables


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