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A remarkably well-known manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of fumigation chambers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India is Krishna Engineering. A fumigation chamber, frequently known as a fumigation vault or fumigation room, is a room or container created specifically for the application of fumigation treatments. For the purpose of to get rid of pests like insects, rodents, or fungus from a certain region or product, fumigation is a method which employs gaseous insecticides, or fumigants.

The construction of the fumigation chamber creates a controlled atmosphere which allows efficient storage and distribution of the fumigant. To keep the fumigant from escaping and harming people or other species that are not targets, it frequently consists of airtight materials, such as metal or cement.

incredibly essential to remember that fumigation procedures can be dangerous and need for specialist knowledge. Licenced fumigators who have undergone training in managing fumigants and safely operating fumigation chambers typically utilise them. To guarantee respect to safety standards, safeguard the natural world, and guarantee that people follow local laws and norms.

Features of Fumigation Chamber

  • Sealed Enclosure
  • Construction Materials
  • Access Doors
  • Ventilation System
  • Fumigant Intake System
  • Monitoring and Safety Systems
  • Sealing Mechanisms
  • Exhaust System
  • Control and Monitoring Panel
  • Safety Interlocks

Accessories of Fumigation Chamber

  • Gas Cylinder
  • Control Panel
  • Ventilation System
  • Sealing Mechanisms
  • Safety Features
  • Racks or Shelves
  • Lighting
  • Monitoring and Recording Systems
  • Access Doors
  • Safety Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


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