Ethylene Oxide (ETO) Sterilizer

Krishna Engineering was established in the year 2000. The promoter of the company had over more than 16 years of experience in manufacturing ETO Sterilizer in India. Under this range we have offering ETO Sterilizer Industrial ETO Sterilizer, Hospital ETO Sterilizer, Autoclave ETO Sterilizer, Steam sterilizer, Vacuum dryer, Ribbon Blender. This equipment is utilized in medical colleges, Hospital, pharmaceuticals, Surgical device manufacturer, spices manufacturer, Blood Bank etc.

Our offered Sterilizer is manufactured using high quality materials and latest advanced technology. We are offering these products budget-friendly prices within the committed period of time. Offered Ethylene oxide (ETO) Sterilizer is highly admired for their high quality, less maintenance, high performance, long service life and corrosion resistance. We have divided our whole process into various parts such as Quality assurance, Research and development, sales, marketing and warehousing.

We already have customer using our ETO Sterilizer all over India and abroad like UAE, South Africa, Egypt, Vietnam, Tanzania, Turkey, Tanzania, Turkey, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, UK, and others.

Supplier of Industrial ETO Sterilizer

ETO Sterilizer Manufacturer

Established in the year 2000. We obtained the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate for our quality managements system of our manufactured products NSIC Registered and Design Verification Certificate. We are renowned manufacturer and supplier of ETO Sterilizer in Ahmedabad. We design, manufacture, control and qualify Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer (ETO Sterilizer) for sterilization of hospital equipments, thermo sensitive products which are sensitive to heat and humidity products like syringes, catheters, dialysis cartridges, plastic dressings, sutures, etc.  ETO Sterilizer is considered to be the ideal method for medical device sterilization. Besides from designing and manufacturing sterilizer, we are also engaged in providing additional equipment in order to offer a complete sterilization unit by ethylene oxide process. Read More

Ethylene Oxide (ETO) Sterilization

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization (Also known as EO or ETO). Ethylene oxide (EO) Sterilization is an Alkylating operator that disrupt the DNA of Microorganisms like Bacterial, Vegetative form, spore, Virus and fungal spore, which keeps them from replicating. In short, we can say that Ethylene Oxide Sterilization rips apart cell membranes causing microorganisms to die. The EO infiltrates the breathable bundling and Sterilization every single available surface of the item to render item sterile by alkylation of protein fundamental for cell reproduction.

ETO Sterilization is both broad spectrum alkylating agent and this can be used to kill various kind of microorganism including nucleic acids and other organic compounds. Ethylene oxide Sterilization is a Chemical procedure comprising four essential factors Gas concentration, Humidity, Temperature and time. Ethylene oxide EO treatment generally works out between 30˚C and 60˚C relative humidity above and gas concentration between 200 and 800 mg/l. Moreover ETO Sterilization is nowadays, is one of the most effective sterilization method for thermo-sensitive products and takes importance where traditional methods are limited. In other words the method used to sterilize the products are one of the most sought for medical device treatment.

What is ETO Sterilizer ?

ETO means Ethylene Oxide, which is a low temperature gaseous process and it is broadly used to sterilize healthcare products and instruments. ETO Sterilizer can productively pierce the surface of most medical tools and its lower temperature makes it an ideal process for a broad variety of stuffs.

How ETO Sterilizer process occurs?

Ethylene oxide sterilization includes four main variables. They are:

  • Gas concentration
  • Calefaction ( Temperature)
  • Humidity
  • Time

Established in the year 2000, we obtained ISO 9001:2008 certificates for our products at Krishna Engineering , mainly engaged in manufacturing and supplying a huge range of ETO Sterilizer . Krishna Engineering was inaugurated in the year 2000, since than we are producing and supplying the best and high quality of ETO Sterilizer.

Had you ever think why ETO sterilizer is used for medical devices or instruments? ETO Sterilizer is very important sterilization technique that manufactures broadly use to keep medical instrument safe. During the ETO sterilization process ethylene oxide is the only method that effectively sterilizes without damaging the medical instrument. Many medical devices or instruments are made up from certain plastic or resin (i.e polymers) , glass or metals , or that have multiple layers are likely to be sterilized with ETO sterilizers. We are influential in providing our clients a comprehensive range of ETO Sterilizers. Our ETO Sterilizer chambers are made up of finest quality stainless steel.

Industrial ETO Sterilizer

Industrial ETO Sterilizer

Krishna Engineering is reliable ETO sterilizer which provides the latest technological advances in the industry. Have uniquely positioned ourselves as one the topmost organization extremely efficient in manufacturing, exporting and supplying an exquisite.

Autoclave ETO Sterilizer

Hospital ETO Sterilizer

WE engaged in presenting an extensive range of Hospital Sterilizer to our clients with the proper time limit.

Hospital ETO Sterilizer

Autoclave ETO Sterilizer

Ethylene Oxide (EO) Autoclave Sterilizer is mainly used to sterilizer medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical products & Food and spices products.



It is the first part of the ETO/EO Sterilizer processing where the product needs to go through preconditioning phase where preliminary moisturizing and heating to approximately 45˚C. These process will take some few hours and highly also depends upon the medical devices its fundamental goals.


The second stage is the actual process sterilization. The ETO enter into chamber evaporation with a certain amount of steam to keep the humidity level up as well as make sure the ETO is reaching all parts of the load. The lower the gas concentration in the chamber the longer is the sterilization stage starts.


Degassing Aeration is the next step after Sterilization to get residual ethylene oxide out of the packaging and products by aerating the cell with the heated air. The typical range of the degassing step is a temperature at 40˚C to 55˚c and several air changes.

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Application of ETO Sterilizer

As per the conception of various industries the application of Eto /EO Sterilizer is highly utilized in medical colleges, Hospital, pharmacy laboratories and medical research and different development center. It is also used the application in various industries such as

  • Food and Beverages Industry
  • Pharmaceutical/ Biotech industry
  • Hospital or health cares
  • Laboratories
  • Medical devices
  • Textile and Garments Industry
  • Medical study center
  • Life saving equipment


  • The process is ideal for humidity sensitive device
  • You can use a variety of wrapping materials wrapped, easy to store, transport, open the package can be used to avoid the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Sterilization having a high efficiency as antivirus bactericide and fungicide
  • Non corrosive
  • They are ideal of gadgets and substance that can’t endure high temperature
  • It is an ideal and best procedure for disinfecting dampness non-enduring gadgets.
  • Varying size of chambers
  • It can also sterilize in any sensitive materials without bringing propriety changes on them.

Price of ETO Sterilizer

Our offered ETO Sterilizers are available at manufacturing unit extremely competitive prices. This sterilizer is made with the use of excellent parts and the most recent machines under the strict administration of our skilled and talented experts. The offered ETO is strongly requested in doctor's facilities. Moreover, our valuable clients can avail this sterilizer from us in different specialized determinations at their budgeted price. For more inquiry about the prices of our offered ETO , kindly fill in the enquiry form. Our team will contact you, in a business day.

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